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Who Needs A Condo Document Review?

And WHY is it so important?


When purchasing a condominium there are SO many things to educate yourself on.  New builds, older complexes, converted apartments, developer obligations, special assesments, legal claims, rules of use and more.  Ensure you’re getting ALL the facts, so you can make an informed decision.


If you’re selling your condo unit, it’s likely there are similar units competeing for the same buyers.  Sure, you’ve done the upgrades, refreshed the paint, and staged your home, but how about taking it up a level?  Save your potential buyer time and money by getting them the information they need!


Law Firms

Condo Savvy offers affordable document review services for your clients condominium purchase or sale.  We can work collaboratively with you, to help your clients understand their rights and obligations as homeowners, before signing on the dotted line and avoid surprises after closing that may have a financial impact.

Buyers Agents

It’s usually best practice to include a condo document review as a condition of purchase.  Enhance and protect your reputation, by ensuring your clients get ALL the documents they’re entitled to, and not just the ones needed to close the sale.

Sellers Agents

Attract more qualified buyers, by doing your due dilligance upfront.  Showcase your expertise in the market by being as knowledgeable as possible with your clients property.  Get a condo document review done before it goes up for sale, and engage other agents as they book showings.

Self Managed Complexes

We provide a document review service for self-managed condominium corporations so they can stay on top of their game when it comes to managing and staying compliant with legislation.

Raising Condominium Ownership Awareness

Did you know…

Condominiums aren’t just apartment and townhouses, they can also be single family homes, recreational vehicle lots, and commercial properties.

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“The report was excellent an summarized everything there was to know about my condo.  We were able to discuss what certain things mean and, because I’m planning to be on the Board, she also gave me lots of tips of where improvements could be made.  She worked through the weekend to make the timeline for my Conditional Sale.  I found the booking process easy and accessible.  Thank you Rebecca!  It was a new experience for me.  I recommend this service.”

Brenda D.

I would absolutely recommend using Condo Savvy – particularly as a first-time buyer, the peace of mind that comes from having someone as knowledgeable as Rebecca conducting a thorough review of all the documents associated with a townhouse or condo is invaluable.  The report provided was thorough and detailed without being overwhelming, and the opportunity to discuss the findings – and ask other questions about purchasing this type of real estate – was particularly helpful.

Andrew F.

Had such an amazing experience with this company!!!  It was recommended to me by at least 5 of my friends… and I was NOT disappointed!!!  Quick yet through work, made me feel like I was choosing the right property, the biggest purchase of my life!  Thank you!

Todd S.

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