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Meet Rebecca, Condo Savvy’s owner and condo document review expert. Being a
condominium investor, experienced, property manager (condos and homeowners
associations), and former Board President, she knows all aspects of condo operations, and living.

A Passion For Real Estate

Combine Rebecca’s 360 degree perspective on condo ownership and operations with her professional document review expertise, she has a very unique insight to support buyers, sellers, realtors and other stakeholders throughout the journey.

Condominiums, regardless of style, are far more complex than single family home purchases, and understanding that fact is essential.  Whether you are a first time condo buyer, an investor, or managing a condo building, you need to be informed and aware of all the facts.

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Why Choose Us

Professional Service

You deserve to be informed so don’t just settle for “the basic” document review with a high level look-through. There are more documents to look at, besides the ones typically supplied. Make sure you get, and review, ALL the documents you’re entitled to look at.

Detailed Analysis

It’s more than just due dilligance, it’s protecting your investment.  Know exactly what you’re buying (or selling) and what you’re getting into.  Being a part of a condo community has its advantages, but there are always things you need to be aware of.


You will always be kept up to date on where things are at in the process, and we will always communicate with you in a timely, friendly and efficient manner. Obviously, you are free to ask any question at any point in the process – we are here for you.

Helpful Links

City of Calgary

Everything you need to know about our wonderful city.

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Alberta Condo Rules

Information for condominium owners, boards and corporations about changing Alberta condo laws.

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Condo Property Act

Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000, from the Province of Alberta.

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