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Raising Condominium Ownership Awareness

Did you know…

Your mortgage company may request condo documents as part of their requirements!

Our Process

Step 1 - Introduction

Let’s get started!  Contact us and we’ll discuss your personal requirements for your condo purchase or sale.  We’ll review what documents and approvals we need, timelines, and any resources we can potentially bank on based on past experiences.

Step 2 - Get Documents

In order to conduct a full and thorough review, we will need to collect all the documents required for the review. There are many documents you’re entitled to and it’s our job to make sure you get them.

Step 3 - Review

Once we have all the required documentation, we will conduct the review and prepare a report of our findings. Once complete, we will set up a private Dropbox with the report and all the supporting information enclosed and email it to you.

Step 4 - Findings

Let’s discuss our findings!  Now is the time to meet again, and go over everything we found in reviewing your condo documents.  All the documents provided in Dropbox are yours to keep.

Our Service Packages

All Packages Include


An Initial Client Meeting


Status Updates - You're always kept up-to-date with where we are in the process.


Existing Library Experience - If you're in a building we've already reviewed, let's bank on that!


Document Review - A comprehensive discussion on what we discovered.


A report and a comprehensive discussion over Zoom.


The Files - Everything regarding your request, is yours to keep.

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